"John E." <>
Sent: 3/11/2002 10:19:59 PM
"Daniel Frye" <>

Re: [gpsstash] Re: All the latest nonsense

DF> Well, thanks to all you on this list who are partaking in this latest
DF> "discussion", I have finally had enough. I am leaving the sport for good
DF> and will be pulling my remaining stashes from their hiding spots.

DF> Thanks for ruining what used to be a very fun and exciting sport. I hope
DF> you continue to enjoy your complaining.

Sorry to see you go. I tend to avoid discussion groups and mailing
lists for the very reasons you cited. I do monitor subjects in case
there's some info. I might find interesting or useful. I participate
in Geocaching to relax, not bitch, whine, and moan. Occasionally I
seek, occasionally I hide caches. I enjoy reading about hunters'
experiences in the cache logs, and rarely find any complaining there.
I hope you'll reconsider and just partake in the stashing and caching
activities and ignore the forums, groups, and newsgroups for a while.