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Re: [gpsstash] All the latest nonsense

Around 4:53 on Mar 11, 2002, Daniel Frye said:

# started getting clogged with people who had nothing better to do than
# complain about things. The website's not good enough! So-and-so isn't
# doing things the right way! Very little of the discussions were about the
# sport anymore, but were about other petty issues.

Did you ever think that maybe a lot of people are complaining
because something is wrong? This entire sport is centered around a set of
data, and most of the complaints are about the data. The data started out
completely free, then the use became more and more restricted. Now it's
getting to the point of where people are being asked to pay for their
limited access to the data. How is this petty or not about the sport?

# And that is when I began to lose interest. It wasn't very fun anymore as I
# had to wade through all the crap to get to the occasional bit of useful
# info. And it kept degrading.

Reading this list is not a prerequisite for hiking. I doubt
you're going to make anyone feel bad about preventing you from doing
something you say you used to like because he expressed concern about the
impending doom of data access.

# Well, thanks to all you on this list who are partaking in this latest
# "discussion", I have finally had enough. I am leaving the sport for good
# and will be pulling my remaining stashes from their hiding spots.

I realize now that you're just trolling, but while some people are
expressing concern about the future of this sport, you're complaining
publically that the *discussion* of these concerns is keeping you from
participating at all. I don't see how these things can even be related.
If the list bothers you, get off the list. If the truth bothers you, do
something about it. If you don't like geocaching, stop.

I like geocaching, but not enough to pay for access, especially
when that access severely limits my ability to extend the sport, or
participate in my own way. It's these actions that will stop me from
geocaching, not someone saying they like or don't like them.

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