Julie D'Angelo <>
Sent: 3/12/2002 11:08:23 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: All the latest nonsense

Dude, don't let the morons get you down. You don't have to read their posts or
listen to them. The delete key is your friend ;-) I've been "guilty" of
getting rather heated up myself (I should take my own advice )

For the most part I've found Geocachers to be among the most friendly (though
rather vocal ;-) group of people I've ever been in contact with. And I find
that I don't always have to agree with everyone (or vice-versa) to have a good

Don't be so hasty to hang up the GPS, let things die down awhile and see how you
feel then.


=== Julie

Daniel Frye wrote:

> You know, I got into geocaching pretty early. I was almost obsessed with it
> for about six or seven months. I subscribed to all the lists and I checked
> the website almost every day. Then, as more people got involved, the lists
> started getting clogged with people who had nothing better to do than
> complain about things. The website's not good enough! So-and-so isn't
> doing things the right way! Very little of the discussions were about the
> sport anymore, but were about other petty issues.
> And that is when I began to lose interest. It wasn't very fun anymore as I
> had to wade through all the crap to get to the occasional bit of useful
> info. And it kept degrading.
> Well, thanks to all you on this list who are partaking in this latest
> "discussion", I have finally had enough. I am leaving the sport for good
> and will be pulling my remaining stashes from their hiding spots.
> Thanks for ruining what used to be a very fun and exciting sport. I hope
> you continue to enjoy your complaining.
> Dan
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