"Neil R. Ormos" <>
Sent: 3/12/2002 12:49:38 PM

[gpsstash] Re: All the latest nonsense

Lee Badman wrote:
> [Daniel Frye wrote:]

>> [ . . . ] I was almost obsessed with [Geocaching] for
>> about six or seven months. I subscribed to all the lists
>> and I checked the website almost every day. Then, as
>> more people got involved, the lists started getting
>> clogged with people who had nothing better to do than
>> complain about things. [ . . . ]

>> It wasn't very fun anymore as I had to wade through all
>> the crap to get to the occasional bit of useful info.
>> [ . . . ]

>> Well, thanks to all you on this list who are partaking in
>> this latest "discussion", I have finally had enough. I
>> am leaving the sport for good and will be pulling my
>> remaining stashes from their hiding spots.

>> Thanks for ruining what used to be a very fun and
>> exciting sport. I hope you continue to enjoy your
>> complaining.

> Well said- unfortunately. I'm staying with it, but
> understand Daniel's angst.

I don't think it was well said at all, and I also don't
understand his "angst."

If other users were criticising Mr. Frye's caches, his log
entries, his method of cache hunting, etc., I could see how
that might diminish his enjoyment of planning, placing, or
hunting caches. But the discussions about which Mr. Frye
complains appear to relate topics entirely unrelated to his
personal activities and achievements. It is doubtful that
generalized discussion of geocaching, no matter how
controversial, could "ruin" for any *reasonable* person the
enjoyment of placing or hunting caches.

Like the pot calling the kettle black, it is childish and
hypocrital for Mr. Frye to object to the "complaining" of
other users of this discussion group by posting a whiney,
petulant complaint himself. If he really felt that the
discussion groups were becoming "clogged with people who had
nothing better to do than complain", he wouldn't compound
the problem by engaging in exactly the behavior he
criticizes. Most likely, his real problem is that he can't
stand to see any opinions that may differ from his. Same
goes for the me-too posters.

Those intersted in the future of the hobby, and in
particular, the continued ability to obtain cache
information without paying extortionate fees to those who
would monopolize data they didn't create in the first place,
will continue to discuss it. Those who don't like that
should learn to use their delete keys.

But if Mr. Frye wants to remove his caches, in the spirit of
"Won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore," who really
gives a darn? There are thousands of caches now, and there
will be thousands when Mr. Frye and his caches are gone.