"John E." <>
Sent: 3/13/2002 9:03:09 PM
"Cory Goulding" <>

Re[4]: [gpsstash] Keeping Geocaching Free!

CG> John Said: ""Really? I haven't seen anything that *requires* me to pay to
CG> Geocache.""

CG> Thanks for clearing that up a bit for me John. I for one only play the sport for exactly what it was originally intended. If I go Geocaching 5 times during the summer I go to
CG> exactly 5 times and I go specifically to the zip code of the area I'm geocaching, pick the caches I want to find and close the program out. We get way to much snow in the winter to do much
CG> geocaching so I haven't even been to the sight since last summer the last time I went looking for a cache. With all the talk I figured the next time I logged in it was going to say "Sorry your
CG> membership has expired and you must pay a fee of $XX.XX to return to the sight." Nice to know I can still get for free what little I need from the sight. At least for now.

All of the caches within 100 miles of me (Omaha, NE) are the "old" style -- free
to view and seek. I doubt I'd ever make any of mine members only. I
enjoy reading about people's experiences in the cache logs. Making a
cache members only would probably reduce the number of entries.