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Re: Re[2]: [gpsstash] Keeping Geocaching Free!

Massachusetts has it's first "members only" cache listed this past weekend,
"I Love Airplane Noise!"

It *has* started, and as more and more use this option it will be only a
matter of time before they shart showing up in your area. You can't view
this cache information unless you pay.

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston, MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"
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Subject: Re[2]: [gpsstash] Keeping Geocaching Free!

> NRO> Regardless of earlier discussions, the threat of "pay to
> NRO> play", which was merely speculation in the past, is now
> NRO> real.
> Really? I haven't seen anything that *requires* me to pay to
> Geocache. And I haven't seen anything that *requires* me to pay to
> view cache descriptions at Sure, it seems as
> though there might be some cache descriptions which will require a fee
> to view, but I haven't run across any of those yet (and I may never
> see them as I may never pay to see them).