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RE: [gpsstash] Re: free access to the data

> David S April [] wrote (in part):
> All the whiners on this list are complaining that is not
> serving their (the whiners) needs by making the data exportable. I
> disagree. I've seen at least 2 occasions where Jeremy has
> responded to this
> particular complaint: [deletia]
> 2. He has a cooperative agreement with Ed Hall who has clearly
> added value
> with his excellent maps (which to this day, are far superior to the ones
> presented on I don't know the particulars of the
> agreement
> they reached and I know it did not come without some initial bad blood
> between Ed and Jeremy but the community ended up with a value added site
> that has full access to the data.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my maps. However, let me clear up
one big misconception right now:

There is NO "cooperative agreement" between myself and the Groundspeak

I get the information needed to run my web site the same way the rest of us
do -- from the (right now) freely available web pages. I
don't display "Member only" caches on my maps because the cache owners
obviously don't want information regarding those caches available to the
public at large and I'm happy to honor their wishes.

Every few months or so, I do send an email to the people at the Groundspeak
Company trying to get some sort of dialog going, but I have not gotten ANY
response from them since May 2001 when they threatened to sue me because of
my maps. This is a pity, since it's obvious that cooperation between the two
websites would be beneficial to everyone, but apparently recognizing other
geocaching websites does not fit into Groundspeak's business model.

I should say here though that the other geocaching host sites out there:, and the Hungarian language (listed in order of the number of caches they host) have
always been extremely friendly and cooperative. They are a joy to work with.

-Ed Hall (Buxley)

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