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Sent: 3/16/2002 12:02:15 AM
"Navicache" <>

Re[4]: [gpsstash] Keeping Geocaching Free!

N> RA> Simple? How do you let them know about both websites? Is Jeremy going to
N> RA> post a link to Navicache? Somehow, I don't think so.

N> Likewise, I didn't see a link to on the Navicache
N> site... (looked at the Links and Home pages).

N> Well then you should have looked at the site before the threat of
N> legal action was mentioned against me if I did not remove the
N> word"Geocaching" mid point of last year... I had a link on my main
N> page and also in the links page to . If you wish I
N> could also provide you with 6 news tapes and a few paper articles
N> that I did, in each one of these I mentioned the other site "plug",
N> but I have not seen any mention from the other end.

But I notice that the word "Geocaching" is currently used on the
Navicache site and that Jeremy has stated (since the legal threat? I
don't know) that he will no longer pursue possible trademark issues
for those using the term on their web site.

Whether or not you've promoted Geocaching in radio, television, or
newspaper interviews has nothing to do with the attack on for not posting links to competing sites. The original
comment was that did not provide links to Navicache, I
was merely pointing out that Navicache didn't provide a link to, so the sites are "even." Perhaps the link was removed
from the link page after the original threat and neglected to be put
back on, I don't know. I know it's easy for something like that to

Simply, there have been a lot of assumptions lately about what Jeremy
and the folks behind are doing and will do in the
future. There have also been some assumptions made by the "supporters" or "tolerators". Personally, I think the
topic has been beat to death and I don't think there needs to be as
much animosity as there has been. But that's just me, and others feel
strongly that there needs to be a battle to protect Geocaching, both
the word and the sport. That's fine, but I see myself dropping out of
the argument/discussion soon and going to the woods to do some