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Re[2]: [gpsstash] Re: free access to the data

Around 23:09 on Mar 15, 2002, John E. said:

# DS> # Every cache I have hidden is still available to everyone. If I choose
# DS> # the option of registering a private cache (which I won't), it will be
# DS> # because has added that as a feature. For those who find
# DS> # that appealing, they will take advantage of it.
# DS> Can you guarantee it always will be as long as you only keep it on
# DS>
# 1) Can you guarantee that it won't be?

I think you're missing the point. You're asserting that they're
still available. They are *now*, but that doesn't mean much in this

# 2) Can you guarantee that any other sites where the cache may be listed
# will also make it perpetually free?

Actually yes, this is easy (see below).

# The fact is, nobody can guarantee that any caches placed will always be
# freely available. Somewhere down the line, maintaining a Geocache,
# geostash, Navicache, or whatever web site may prove to be a burden
# (financial, time, or otherwise) on the web site owner. At that point,
# the owner may start charging for access, may let the site die, or may
# kill the site outright. Whatever the case, the information would no
# longer be freeely available.

Data that's freely and easily replicated will always live longer
than data that is not (as long as anyone cares). Take the (unused) site I
made, for example. It's absolutely trivial for any user on the Internet
to use wget or something to dump my database in computer readable format
in a cron job. They don't even have to be running a site, just dumping
the data. If my site goes away for any reason, there could still easily
be hundreds of people with my data.

Consider services like irc, etc... Anybody can run the service
and build a global network (without even running the same software).
When running an irc server becomes too much of a burden for an
administrator, he can shut it down. The regular users of that site will
just need to find a new source of connectivity. When there aren't enough
people left who care about the service to have it running, it no longer
matters that it's not running.

If shut down right now (i.e. if he's not making
enough money, etc...), it's all lost. Remember

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