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Sent: 3/18/2002 12:43:15 PM

Re: "the Data" & "Geocaching" (long post)

Eoghan wrote:
> For every person that wants freely accessible and
> transportable data, there is a person who appreciates
> or expects that their cache information be shepherded by
> Groundspeak.

Back in June, 2001, this was discussed on the forums.
At that time, Jeremy himself said this,

"I think Scout came up with a great idea about ownership of caches in
the forums. I will be working on the edit page so you can essentially
make a cache 'open season' for folks to take those coordinates and do
what they want to with them on other sites. It'll just be a checkbox."

The agreement to provide this mechanism was never lived up to. It was
the last time I heard anything about it from Jeremy.

P.S. It was also the last time that Jeremy called any of my
ideas "great." :(