Alan Klein <>
Sent: 3/18/2002 9:04:27 AM

Re: [gpsstash] "the Data" & "Geocaching" (long post)

Sorry, but the pictures and other comments I post to belong to me not Jeremy. That includes
whether I post them to my cache or someone elses. The
fact I submitted them to for posting
there does not transfer ownership to
I have not agreed to any "terms of service" which, by
the way, I have yet to find. Nor have I entered into
any contract with If I choose to post
my cache with its particular written text as well as
coordinates, or to "export" my pictures or copy my log
to another site, that's my business, not Jeremy's.
And that includes current caches.

I suspect however that preventing this kind of
multi-posting will be coming as
attempts to maximize its profits and hold on the
sport. Once that hapens there will be mandatory fees
for membership, etc.


--- Eoghan wrote:
> But
> these apply only to the ones people submitted with
> these expectations or
> under Groundspeak's terms. There are still those
> which were NOT submitted
> with that in mind or which were submitted before
> that approach was clearly
> spelled out, or the very very few which were
> completely public and were
> imported into the database in the very beginning.
> The moral grounds for the
> objection that these not be included is still valid
> but becomes of more and
> more marginal importance as these caches disappear
> and as the total number
> of caches in the database makes them insignificant.
> ... With the added functionality of the
> site, each cache has a
> large amount of associated data - logs, pictures,
> maps, clues, ROT13
> encoded spoilers, etc. Most of this stuff was
> clearly submitted to
> geocaching alone and none of us has any claim at all
> on this data.
> ...> -Eoghan

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