"Neil R. Ormos" <>
Sent: 3/20/2002 12:22:22 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Access to Free Data wrote:

> One place for cache data that would pretty much guarantee
> it being freely available forever would be usenet. You
> wouldn't have the fancy web interface options for logging
> finds, etc, but it would be available freely to anyone as
> long as usenet exists.

This is a good model, and indeed, most early caches were
advertised on sci.geo.satellite-nav.

One impediment is archiving. Right now, Google's
consolidated Usenet archives are available free-of-charge,
but might not always be.

If a suitable standard form were developed through
consensus, caches could be advertised by either posting on
Usenet (to sci.geo.satellite-nav or to alt.rec.geocaching),
or via e-mail directly to the database. Preferably,
automated filters could be used to import these entries into
the database, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
Other geocaching related web sites (or anyone else) could
extract the entire dataset from the public database at
regular intervals, allowing easy synchronization, mirroring,
and archiving. Cooperative geocaching web sites could
exchange updates with the public database via Usenet or
direct e-mail form interface. E-mail and Usenet article
processing employ relatively simple interfaces, for which
there exists a number of documented, well-understood
packages, so that no exotic middleware need be used.