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Sent: 3/20/2002 8:02:36 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Access to Free Data

How would this data be available other than short term? Usenet messages
are not archived on Usenet (yes, Deja-News / Google does it) and searching
for a specific cache or those within a specific location would seem to be
considerably harder, if not impossible.

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From: "Eric O'Connor"
Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Access to Free Data

> Florian wrote:
> >One place for cache data that would pretty much guarantee
> >it being freely available forever would be usenet.
> >You wouldn't have the fancy web interface options for
> >logging finds, etc, but it would be available freely to
> >anyone as long as usenet exists.
> For the record, I have absolutely no problems with people submitting
> cache information to alt.rec.geocaching.
> Even a couple dozen submissions a day would be easy to deal with.
> I'd suggest that [geocache] was placed in the subject line to allow
> people to filter if they'd like.