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Sent: 3/8/2002 2:30:29 AM

Keeping Geocaching Free!

This was just sent to me by the auto bot... Read it
slow and careful!! you see the part where it says "To thank you for
your support, you will be locked in at the current membership rate
as long as you subscribe to the site."

Well this to me says that there will be an increase in the
future...the key word is "CURRENT"

"Greetings from -

We're introducing a new option on the site: The Groundspeak Charter
Membership. As a Groundspeak Charter Member, you will have access to
premium features as well as access to new tools, GPS related games
activities in the near future. Initially there will only be a few new
options for members, such as advanced Forum features and the ability
to create Member Only caches. To thank you for your support, you will
be locked in at the current membership rate for as long as you
subscribe to the site. Because of the tremendous growth of the sport
over the last year, the cost of bandwidth and hardware/software is
almost at capacity. Your support will greatly help to ensure the
continuing operation of the web site.

Don't worry! We aren't changing the geocaching site you have come to
know and love. Subscriptions are completely optional and won't impact
your enjoyment of the sport.

To find out about the Groundspeak Charter Membership, visit:
AOL users click

There are also two exciting new additions to the site:
Profiles and the new OpenTopic Forums.

- Now you can now click on a user's name and see the profile of a
geocacher. You can find out the caches they have hidden/found, see
posted photos, and read other details that the user cares to share.
You can also personally visit your "my cache page" and add your own
information to share with others.

- The new forums are now completely integrated, so your
login will work in the forums and the web site. There are also new
features such as integrated profiles, user generated polls, and
(Charter Members Only) which will allow you to monitor entire forums
or a specific user's posts. There are too many other features to
explain here, so see for yourself! Just click on the "discuss
geocaching" link on to visit the new forums."

I created the website in the hopes that things like
this did
not happen to the sport. There is no need for this and it can be
I have nothing against a site making money but not to the extent
that this
has gone.
I will continue to run as a "Free" Geocaching website
anyone wishing to add their cache submissions as well as just
visiting. Your
opinions are very much welcome.


Quinn Stone