"navicacher" <>
Sent: 3/8/2002 6:07:05 PM

New Members and Cache Submissions!

I have noticed over the past two days that we have had a huge
increase in cache submissions and new members signing up on the
website at as well as in our forums. This tells me
quite a bit on your thoughts about recent changes made within the
anyways, I just wanted to Thank those people that have decided to
also make us a place to call home as well as for their cache
Caches do not have to be "Just placed" to submit to the Navicache
site, but they DO need to belong to the person or persons submitting
them, existing and pre-submitted caches are also welcome at

We are about to add some more changes to the site that you will like
I am sure, this is all based on feedback from visitors on what they
think would make for a better change.
We have just been given some good news as well that i will make
public once we have things in place, but you will want to keep
yourself close by when this comes out.
So anyways..Than you all for everything! It has been most fun
getting to know the people that drop by.
if you have any thoughts or opinions please feel free to let us know!