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Sent: 4/30/2002 2:36:48 PM

Re: Interview with a Park Ranger

I like what
--- patrick wrote about a reoccurring comment from geocachers:
> "I've lived here all my life and never knew
> this was here"?
And I like some of the other replies as well. I plan to bring up the
forgiveness v. permission issue, but it's a dead-end topic. The
candidates I have in mind are advocates of the sport and would
definitely want to know about a potential cache up front. Also, at
least one ranger I've already talked to is enthusiastic about the
clientele that geocaching has been bringing to the park, and has
noted an increase in benevolence directly related to gadget
lovers "discovering" what the park has to offer. I'm hoping I can
get them to talk about how they use the forums to "manage" the caches
in their area. Can anyone cite any log files, or give other examples
of rangers that have used one of the web sites to notify a cache
owner that a cache is in need of maintenance?
- Doug Adomatis