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Subject: [gpsstash] Interview with a Park Ranger

If you could anonymously ask a park ranger a question regarding
geocaching, what would you ask?
I'm writing an article on geocaching and will be interviewing local
authorities. I'd like to have your questions answered too. I will be
focusing on issues of impact, maintenance, and "overcaching", but I
don't want to miss an opportunity to ask other questions that would
be of interest to this forum. In exchange for your Qs, I will post
the completed article here.
Please reply,
Doug Adomatis

First, I can understand a ranger's concerns on this issue, at least in principle. He or she doesn't care for the idea of
a park being "littered" with metal or plastic geocaches that might open up, scattering papers, etc., around the
area or be abandoned altogether.

That said, I think that we should be working hard to convince park personnel that geocaches will be "friendly" and unintrusive and I think that we should all agree not to bury our geocaches regardless of the location.
I'm not a government land manager, but the thought of people wandering around with shovels, digging like gophers, looking for geocaches makes me cringe.

Good luck with your project,
Dick Blust, Jr.
Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA

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