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Sent: 4/30/2002 7:08:31 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Interview with a Park Ranger

At 07:27 AM 04/30/2002 -0400, you wrote:
The stark
>truth is that Geocaching _does_ increase land use and foot/bike traffic to
>the area, which could or could not be an issue for the Park.

Geez, yes, we wouldn't want the public, who pays not only for the park and
its upkeep, but also for the Ranger's salaries, to actually *USE* that
land, now would we?

It seems like "appropriate" use is an elusive term. I live near Kennesaw
Mt. National Battlefield Park. As I understand it, stashes have been
removed from it at times. Mountainbikes are forbidden. Picnicking,
sunbathing, and even kite flying are forbidden in many areas. Yet
horsepeople are allowed on many of the trails, as evidenced by the piles of
steaming, fly-blown shit, and the fact that the horses are ridden through
wetlands, churning them into muddy hideous messes.

I hardly think that an occasional geocacher, especially given the Cache-in,
Trash-out ethic of most, is going to do a measurable amount of harm. (I am
speaking here of my own area. I realize that there are some very sensitive
areas that may be exceptions). However, as the original poster said, if
the only way the authorities can find the stash is by going on a website
and reading about it, the impact seems to me to be pretty minimal.