John Gunterman <>
Sent: 4/30/2002 6:27:53 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Interview with a Park Ranger

>Some well hidden caches have been picked up and thrown
>away by rangers.

Cudos to them! Hip Hip hooray!!!!

>These caches were not found by
>accident or observing trail damage but instead by
>rangers browsing the various geocaching sites looking
>for caches near them.

Perhaps if the person placing the cache had gotten permission form the Park
Ranger/Land manager BEFORE placing the cache , and asked the land manager
where THEY thought it should be placed to protect the parks resources and
provide an enjoyable visit...this would not need to happened? The stark
truth is that Geocaching _does_ increase land use and foot/bike traffic to
the area, which could or could not be an issue for the Park, it's best to
ask permission first that to find yourself facing stiff fines and possible
incarceration for playing our little "game". At the minimum it could be
considers littering or dumping and depending upon where it is placed, it
could be a criminal trespass!

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