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Sent: 5/1/2002 12:23:18 PM

[gpsstash] Re: Interview with a Park Ranger

Doug wrote: "Can anyone cite any log files, or give other examples
of rangers that have used one of the web sites to notify a cache
owner that a cache is in need of maintenance?"


As a Groundspeak Lackey, I receive calls and emails every week from land
managers, park rangers and others [mostly in the U.S.] requesting the
removal, maintenance and relocation of caches.

Oftentimes, the callers just want more information on Geocaching and are
generally very cooperative once they realize that we are making a genuine
effort to work with them.

Once we receive notice of cache related issues, we contact the cache
owner(s) [or local cachers if owners can not be found] and arrange for
compliance with the request.


Rothstafari, SoulAdventurer
Groundspeak Lackey