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I have one more suggestion for the interview preparation effort. That is,
the very light use that geocaching imposes on a park. I would estimate that
over a year's exposure, a cache is visited on the average only about once a
week. For example, how many year-old caches do we see with more than 52
finds recorded? Yes, I know there are some, but the operative phrase here is
"on the average". I will concede that when a cache is newly placed we often
see signs of high traffic and trampling of vegetation in the immediate area
and it this evidence that properly concerns the park personnel but, even
after a couple of weeks of lesser activity, there is seldom any evidence of
any activity at all.

IMHO . . . . patrick

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> I like what
> --- patrick wrote about a reoccurring comment from geocachers:
> > "I've lived here all my life and never knew
> > this was here"?
> > - Doug Adomatis