"gc_scout" <>
Sent: 6/10/2002 1:37:37 PM

There's a new geocaching Website: . Cache
listings, logs, hide counts, find counts, Web forums, everything
about it is very familiar to anyone who has used or .

The business model is very similar to's. Free to list
caches. Free to hunt caches. It's the so-called value-added services
where and each try to make money off

In's case, they sell dog tags at $6 apiece to attach
to hitchhikers. In's case, they sell cardboard coins at
$2 apiece. You use them to record the secret ID placed in a cache by
a cache hider and return the coin to the Web site as proof of your
find. Return enough coins and you can trade your points for prizes.
Maybe the site is counting on enough coins to never be returned that
they can offer prizes worth more than the cost of the coins.