"HookedTrout" <>
Sent: 6/4/2002 2:11:38 AM

Topozone vs GPS??

I have been using Topozone for locating specific places now for quite
some time and I can not get the two to coordinate, the GPS and
Topozone. The coordinates from Topozone do not match up with the real
world on my GPS?

Any advice or sugestions as to what I may be doing wrong. I use
Topozone on NAD27, I set the GPS up on NAD27 I set it at D/M/S and
the coordinates are still way off?? If I move the cursor in Topozone
over my house, which is a dot on a map, I can write down the
coordinates (NAD27-D/M/S) down and then take my GPS outside set on
NAD27, get sattelite locks and then a fix on my location and they do
not match up. Not even close enough to consider the normal + or -
usually associated with GPS.

I can usually just use the topozone map and find it by mapping but it
would sure be a lot more fun to use the coordinates and punch them
into the GPS and GO TO.

Help, Cory