"navicache" <>
Sent: 7/4/2002 7:04:57 AM

News story for Geocaching

For anyone that may be interested in doing a "Geocaching" news story.

Magellan has contacted me and asked if I knew of some people in the
Bay area of California that may be interested in doing a TV news
story about Geocaching. I gave them a contact or two of people that
I knew of in that area but they would like to be able to get in
touch with a few more. The story will be done in about two weeks and
they would like to see these people be "Magellan" users if possible.

If anyone has an interest in this, please contact me via e-mail at or on the website. While
there feel free to look around as we added a few more toys for the
cache submission system.

All info sent to me will be forwarded to the reporter as well as to

Thanks for your help!


Quinn Stone