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Sent: 9/24/2002 1:00:44 PM

Geocachers Fall Picnic in NY.

For those of you here that may live in New York state as well as
around us, we will be having a Geocachers fall Picnic located in
State Park on October 5th of this year. We have already taken in
over 125
notices from people planning to be there, and this would be a great
for anyone to come to with the whole family for the day or weekend. will be having a drawing for no less than 1 GPSR
(Magellan) as
well as other items based around the sport of Geocaching and GPS.
This is a free event and nothing is being asked for from the people
wish to come. We do howver due to the group size ask that maybe you
bring a dish of sorts or soda (not required though)
There will be a Dam tour and plenty of caches within the park to
hunt for.

If you are interested you can visit for more
or use this link
which is
the event listing cache page.

There is also a small write-up on the event at

There will be plenty for everyone in the whole family to do, so
bring the
GPS equipment and head out. For those of you that do not know what
Geocaching is be sure to read up on the fun family activity that
many people
call a high tech treasure hunt.