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Sent: 9/29/2002 11:20:31 AM

New game of MinuteWar is forming

A new game of MinuteWar is forming. Go to to sign up.

About MinuteWar:

MinuteWar is a game of capture-the-flag using the real world as the playing
field and GPS receivers for navigation. It's just a game. We're actually
very polite (well, most of us are) and respectful of the landowners whose
land we pretend to capture.

Every player in the world uses his own local map, but all the maps are combined
so that all players compete against everyone else at the same time no matter
where they live.

The maps are divided into squares. Each square is one minute of longitude
wide and one minute of latitude tall. Each square contains a virtual flag.
Visit the exact spot where the flag is located to capture the flag and control
the square. Capture other players' flags by visiting the same spot they
did, on their map or yours. Whoever captures and holds the most flags when
the game ends, wins.