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RE: [gpsstash] Anybody use this site anymore?

I too use a local GeoCaching group for my area and sometimes I look
groups for other areas I know I'll be in. with it makes
this group to broad but I stay incase something interesting comes along.
So for those of you looking for more activity within a group try looking
for a group within your state or county. They tend to do more. If there
isn't one, maybe could start one. Good luck.

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Every once in a while someone posts something, but I think anyone who
monitors it would tell you they have found more active places to do
their posting. Mine are in my sig. I suppose I will monitor this one
until it's killed, however.

Candy Lind
"Hello, my name is Candy, I go by Moosiegirl, and I am a GEOCACHER."
I can quit any time ... really, I CAN!!
Geocaching worldwide: in Texas:
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> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 02:14:38 -0000
> From: "Jim"
> Subject: Re: Anybody use this site anymore?
> I do not know I have just joined and I use most
> of the time
> --- In, "boeing299" wrote:
> > I don't see anything new on here. Is this site abandoned?

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