"Hank Both" <>
Sent: 12/9/2003 12:48:12 PM

Dear Stash:
I am really interested in the GPS science.I wonder if someone could give me
a clues or links.I do not own a unit yet
What I would like to use it for is for travelling from point A to point
B,and be able able to see a good map of all points in between. Also I would
like a unit that I could use that would give me an indication where I was
located when waling in a forest. Also do these units tell you the distance
you have travelled,for now only area in Southern Ontario would be necessary.
I visited aFuture Shop recently,but they didnt have any functional units
??? I s it hard to learn how to operate a unit,say compared to a computer ?
Thankyou in advance
Hank Both DVM