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Sent: 2/5/2003 1:37:41 AM

Hey there.

After years of offroading in AZ (often using my Emap and laptop just
for fun) I recently had the luck to read the article in Discovery. I
had no idea this was happening. I checked Buxley's web site and found
that there is a cache located within two miles of my house. Looking at
the maps I realized that I've driven by numerous caches without having
any idea that my pointless wandering could have an equally pointless
purpose. Although I don't have as much time as I would like to
participate, I'm instantly hooked and will lurk here often to get up
to speed. I'll have to try and score my first cache this weekend. Just
a couple of questions if I may.

Am I good to go armed with the Emap, Mapsource Roads & Rec, Delorme
Topo, a laptop, and the paper forest maps I've been using for offroading?

Are there localized associations that gather and participate or is
this a solitary hunter and his clan kind of thing?

Thanks much.