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Sent: 2/6/2003 4:06:55 PM

Re: Hey there.

> Am I good to go armed with the Emap, Mapsource Roads & Rec, Delorme
> Topo, a laptop, and the paper forest maps I've been using for
> Are there localized associations that gather and participate or is
> this a solitary hunter and his clan kind of thing?

Addressing your questions above I'd say your more than armed for the
adventure with the Emap and the rest of the goodies. And yes there
are a lot of local associations or groups that have formed to enhance
the cache seeking game. Some have big cache finding challenges and
in other areas it may only amount to an annual get together for a
picnic in the park wherin the location is disclosed by giving the

I'd jump on and start following the caches in your
immediate area by zip code and if you check it frequently you will
find all the information you will need. Typically any get togethers
will be established there.