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Welcome .. this list has been dead for a while. I'm not sure how many folks
still subscribe.

I'm not familiar with that particular GPS. When I found my first cache it
was with an "ancient" Garmin 45 which is an 8 channel unit. It works, but
not as well as the 12 channels units out these day. (I now have a Garmin 3)

If your Magellan is a 12 channel then it should be just fine.

I would also recommend bringing along a compass on your hunts. Often when
you are close to the cache you are "bushwacking" in the middle of the woods,
without a path or trail to walk on. If you are stopped (or walking at a
slow speed, changing directions frequently) a GPS will NOT be able to show
you 1) where North is, and 2) which direction (with an arrow) the cache is.
It WILL be able to give you a compass bearing (that's where the handheld
compass comes into play)

A GPS needs to be moving in a straight line, at a sufficient speed, for a
specific time/distance to be able to tell which direction it is headed (and
so, which direction North is) If you are on a trail, this is usually no
problem, but if you are bushwacking it is often a big problem. It will
*always* know what compass bearing the cache is, but is that ahead, or to
the right, or to the left ??? At slow speeds (or stopped) it won't know.

Most GPS'es will have a screen to lead you to a waypoint (the cache) showing
the distance and compass direction. Most times that screen will include some
sort of arrow pointing in the direction of the cache as well.

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> Greetings to all. I found out about geocaching today while reading
> the February issue of Discover magazine in my doctor's office. I have
> a very primitive GPS; the Magellan Pioneer, which I got for Christmas
> awhile back and have not used very much. Is it sufficient to
> participate in this, or is the equipment not as important as the
> imagination and skill of the user?