Sent: 2/7/2003 10:31:46 PM

Re: [gpsstash] GPS prices

my name is mike and i am having a problem with the booze. i have a feeling after looking at several options that being a fisherman and knowing where i`m at in the ocean that this new ( sport ) will help me. i live in the morth east and ther are many places that i know where i would have to hike to and be able to not hide but secure a spot to be hunted. i don`t know that much about gps on ground terrain because i`m used to using it on th ocean however i think i could get the hang of it. i`m trying to get some of my friends into it to help offset the cost off good equipment and i`m sure that in the summer i will be involved. i appreciate the email from all the clubs and sponsors and am looking forward to learning what can can be. mike from jersey. thanks