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I have a Garmin GPSMAP76 ($319 on the net) and have loaded MapSourse
TOPO into it. Works great on land or sea. Easy to learn too. The map
has buoys, etc. all there and it can guide you even in the thickest
fog. The commercial fishermen use the waypoint feature to mark good
spots for bottom fish.
One thing though, about ten years ago a guy I worked with went out
into the Pacific with his brother and father to do some fishing. They
all had a few beers and decided to park and bottom fish. My friend
threw out the anchor but had his foot next to the coil of anchor line.
It caught his foot and over he went. His dad lost two fingers trying
to catch and hold the rope. They cut the rope as soon as they could
and waited.
A trawler pulled Bob up a month later with the rope still wrapped
around his ankle.
Drink, stay home. Fish, have fun then go home and drink.