Sent: 5/16/2003 9:18:35 AM

In Light of Recent Past Events, Be Careful

1. Be careful where you are.
BLM property by federal law is protected from scavaging, unless you
are a licensed Native American Artifact Expert working on a
specifically permitted project. If you mistakenly remove or DISTURB
a burial site or prehistoric village site, for instance, and noticed
by BLM personnel or other government managers, you could be charged

2. Be careful what you touch, and how.
There are bad people and bad things outdoors, snakes, scorpions, and
booby trapped caches have been known to cause serious injuries.

Use a stick or probe 1st. Never let a child stick his face or hand
into a dark whole in the rocks etc.

3. Be aware of who is watching your activities.
You wouldn't want to be caught trying to explain why you are poking
around the Bank, or Public Monument, or Subway, or well you name it,
with the FBI and Juan Ashcroft on high alert would you? Think about
hou you might appear to be perpetrating a crime while out poking
about, your intentions are known only to you and are not known to the
hyped up, scared public.