"Cory Goulding" <>
Sent: 6/3/2003 10:39:19 AM

I would have to agree that the Garmin Etrex has spent way to much
time trying to make it small and it doesn't have very good reception
in tree cover as a result of it's size (no room for antenna). Small
is not always better. My last GPS was a 315 and it was a great GPS
with great reception but is very limited in mapping upload
capability. I would go with one of the Magellan Meridian series as
they offer you upgradeability and you can download topo or street
maps and they get awesome reception. I selected the Magellan Meridian
Platinum and it is a super GPS however the few things it offers over
the Gold probably aren't that important so I would recomend the
Magellan Meridian Gold.

Good luck and welcome.


--- In, "Stephen G Kowalchuk"
> Hey everybody.
> I'm new to the sport and looking forward to getting started. I was
> wondering if their were any members of the list residing in the
> New York area. I plan on buying my first GPS reciever this
> Probably get the basic Garman Etrex. Any comments on this unit?
> Thanks
> Steve