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Sent: 7/10/2003 7:41:00 AM

Re: Happy July!

I too seek out most of my caches in the summer. This summer has been
a busy one so I haven't been out on the cache hunts as much as I'd
like but not to worry the busy has been all fun anyway just not much
cache hunting.


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> > OK, it's July and I can't bear to see this old group risk going a
> > whole month without a post, so I'm going to get one posted early.
> >
> > It's summer in the northern hemisphere and it's my impression
> > summer brings a slowdown in geocaching. That's not what I would
> have
> > predicted, but it seems to be true.
> >
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> > Scout
> I find I do much more caching in the summer than in the winter. In
> the wintertime, it's too cold and snowy for the wife and baby to
> out to find caches, so even though the undergrowth is thicker, and
> the bugs more numerous, we do many more caches when the weather's
> warmer. I seem to see much more activity overall on my watched
> caches list during nice weather as well.
> -Scirocco of TeamWidget