"Cory Goulding" <>
Sent: 7/16/2003 4:41:55 PM

Be careful of scam emails.

I received an email from what appeared to be a legitimate EBAY
web site informing me that my phone number was incorrect and that I
could not make any ebay transactions until my phone number was
updated. The site looked pretty much identical to EBAY's web sites.
When you went to the link to update your information it asked for all
the information including the SS# and Credit Card information.

This is phoney, they never email asking for personal information and
my advice is don't just feel good that you caught it and weren't
scammed, turn it over to paypal or ebay or who ever they are trying
to immitate so they can investigate it. I contacted ebay and sent
them the link and they took over including a verification that my
account was indeed fine and did not need any updating and that the
web site was a fraud trying to get my personal information. And worse
yet if you do give the information and realize you may have been
scammed Ebay gives you a ton of locations to go to that will help you
try and stop the take over of your identity.

Happened to me so I'm sure it is happening all over the world. Hope
this email will help someone else recognize it as a scam if it hits
you. One very important thing to remember. All most in every case
when dealing with a legitimate business they will never email you and
ask for personal information. You have to be the one that initiates
this type of transaction. Meaning you would have to go search out
ebay or paypal or what ever and log on and then put in your
information. They would not send you an email asking you to go to a
link and put in personal information.

Anyone else have similar experiences?