"Cory Goulding" <>
Sent: 7/20/2003 1:09:25 PM

Portable Water Purification question.

Is there anyone out there familiar with the PUR portable water filter
systems. I found one while fishing a high mountain lake and I'm
trying to determine what model it is so I can put in some new
filters. It would be great to have along while out Geocaching or
general outdoor adventuring but I haven't seen anything in the local
retailers that is the same so I'm probably going to order online. I
just want to make sure of what I have and what filter I need and any
other information I can get. I tried emailing PUR but haven't
received a response back yet.

From what little I see online it looks like a PUR Explorer but it
doesn't look like it is the current model based on a few slight
changes. I have taken a few pictures of it if anyone is familiar I
will email them so you can help me solve my puzzle.

Thanks in advance.