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Re: Portable Water Purification question.

I had pretty much given up on it. In fact I still can't figure out
how you even get a filter out of it. The bottom section screws off
but nothing comes out of it as far as I can see without trying to pry
it apart with a screwdriver. The only thing I can guess is that the
section that screws off is the filter and you just have to buy a new
one and screw it on. If that is the case then it is also part of the
body of the unit? Anyway any info you can get me would be greatly
appreciated. I have come to the conclusion that it is a PUR Explorer
model which seems to be one of their upper end models prior to them
being taken over by Katadin.

Thanks a ton,


--- In, "Brad George" wrote:
> Cory - I have a friend who works in a backpacking store here in
> City - He might be able to tell you more about your filter - that
is, if you
> haven't found out already - Let me know, and i'll forward the pics
to him,
> if you wanted me to...Have a great week...
> Brad
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> Subject: [gpsstash] Portable Water Purification question.
> > Is there anyone out there familiar with the PUR portable water
> > systems. I found one while fishing a high mountain lake and I'm
> > trying to determine what model it is so I can put in some new
> > filters. It would be great to have along while out Geocaching or
> > general outdoor adventuring but I haven't seen anything in the
> > retailers that is the same so I'm probably going to order
online. I
> > just want to make sure of what I have and what filter I need and
> > other information I can get. I tried emailing PUR but haven't
> > received a response back yet.
> >
> > From what little I see online it looks like a PUR Explorer but it
> > doesn't look like it is the current model based on a few slight
> > changes. I have taken a few pictures of it if anyone is familiar I
> > will email them so you can help me solve my puzzle.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
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