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Re: [gpsstash] Re: Beating the dead horse of the free open source database

I'm not speaking for Mark, but my understanding is that the current
situation is Jeremy/ own the database, they allow us to us to use it.
There have been rumblings lately about certain types of caches not being
approved because the dictatorship doesn't think they serve the community

What Mark is talking about is developing a distributed, open source database
that would be owned my many instead of one. Distributing the database
prevents one person from owning the data, allows many sites to provide the
data instead of one, etc......

I'm interested in something like this, just not sure how much help I could

aka FireCacher

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Subject: [gpsstash] Re: Beating the dead horse of the free open source

> I'm not sure what this is refering to but I'd be interested in
> hearing some of the details of what it is about. What are the
> benefits over how it is run and handled now?
> Hook
> --- In, "Mark Gessner" wrote:
> > Anyone know where this discussion has gone? Has anyone done
> anything about
> > starting an open source geocaching database project?
> >
> > Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on this
> topic.
> >
> > -mark
> > aka "lowracer"
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