"mrgis2003" <>
Sent: 9/16/2003 3:39:54 PM
Subject: AVL, E911, GIS, and GPS discussion forums is a new site dedicated to GIS and GPS users and
professionals. No mass emails, no sales pitches, no fees. This site
is for the use of Professional GIS Personnel, Photogrammetrist, First
Responders, Surveyors, Homeland Defense Personnel and Planners, and
any other applicable field. The uses of the site are, but by no means
limited to, questions, support, information, research, etc, EXCEPT
targeted selling and/or advertising by vendors and manufacturers
(there are seperate forums set up for press releases, job postings
and product information by vendors). The MrGIS Message Board is the
main feature of the site. Use it to post whatever information you are
looking for or want to share. Find information on GIS software, AVL
or GPS equipment, success stories, anything you can think of.

Some of the benefits of the MrGIS Message Board over traditional
Email List Serves are:
-Specific forums related to the topics you want to know about (i.e.
ArcView, Survey GPS, Wireless Communication for Data, etc.)
-Searchable database to look for information specific to your needs.
-Optional email notification when someone responds to your post.
-User Groups specific to your industry and application (ArcInfo,
AutoCAD, ESRI, AVL, Trimble Mapping GPS, etc)
-No pop-up ads or ad banners
-Regional User Group Forums (i.e. Baghdad ArcInfo Users Group)
-Separate forums for job listings, press releases and
Vendor/Manufacturer info
-Send and receive private messages to your MrGIS Message Board
account, not to your personal or work email.
-Much, much more!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Recommendations and suggestions are always welcome!

Best regards,