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Sent: 12/17/2004 7:46:55 PM

New season of GxLeague is forming

A new season of GxLeague is forming, for play beginning in late
January. The turnout for our first season was underwhelming :-( but
I've never let that stop me before ;-). Let's hope this season is

What is GxLeague, you ask? It's a competitive but friendly way to

Players are divided into teams. Teams play each other in a series of
games. After all teams have played all other teams once and only
once, the season is over. The team with the best record wins the
GxLeague Championship.

Teams win a game by scoring more points than their opponents. Players
score points by placing caches, by finding caches, and by having
other players find caches they have placed.

A player who hides one or more caches during a game can score up to
ten points per game (the sum of the difficulty and terrain ratings of
the toughest cache). (GxLeague encourages quality caches, not

A player who finds one or more caches during a game can score up to
ten points per cache (the sum of each cache's difficulty and terrain

A player also scores points each time one of the scoring caches he or
she placed any time during the season is found and logged by anyone
else, so long as the other person is not a player on his or her own
team. For each such find, the hider scores up to five points,
depending on the overall rating the finder gives the cache hunting

That's it. Scoring is automatic. Just list your caches on as you place them. Search the cache
listings for caches near you. Log each one you find on
The game engine automatically credits your team with your hides and
finds. And when other players find a cache you hid, your team gets
credit. All automatically. Just sign up and go geocaching. It's that