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Re: [gpsstash] Ritz Camera *caching* in on Geo-photo Hunt

Am I reading the rules wrong, or is it legal if I attach an entry form to any old 4"X6" photo. It doesn't say anything about the judges deciding whether your photo is actually of the object they had in mind! It also seems pretty lo-tech that they only accept entries by mail. I would be happier (and 37 cents richer) if they would accept e-mail entries.

All of that being said, my brother and I will go out and check out the coordinates in Raleigh-Durham NC (misspelled on the Ritz site) and make an entry.

Rick Simpson

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Subject: [gpsstash] Ritz Camera *caching* in on Geo-photo Hunt

GPS Enthusiasts and Geocachers,
You may not be surprised that Ritz Camera is selling Garmin GPS
receivers, but you may be curious about the "Hi-Tech Geo-Photo Hunt"

At first I was skeptical about this Geocaching-type of contest. As I
looked through the state listings, I saw that many states did not
have any waypoints. You had to manually enter the data to your GPS as
there was no downloadable data file. I found several typos, including
missing decimal points and even "?" question marks within the data.
I was even more surprised to find Charlotte listed under *South*
Carolina. It was then, I started wondering just how accurate the
coordinates were.

Curiosity got the best of me and my son and I ventured out on a Geo-
Photo Hunt last Sunday. The listings for South Carolina had five
waypoints in "W. Carolina" which I recognized as downtown
Greenville. As we approached the first waypoint we realized that all
five were within walking distance. Each waypoint has a clue
associated with it and you are supposed to go to the waypoint
location and take a picture of what you think the clue refers to.
When we got to the location of the first waypoint, my son was the one
who spotted the weather vane atop an adjacent building as the answer
to the "Which way the wind blows" clue. I was impressed that the
location I was standing was the perfect spot to take a picture of the
weather vane, because a few feet in any other direction and the view
would be obscured by the roofline of the building. This accuracy
proved true for the remaining waypoints. Each put us in perfect
position to take a picture of the subject.

Overall it was good clean fun and it got my son and I out doing
something together on a cold afternoon. Your results may differ.
Especially for those of you hunting in Texas (21N Lat?) and Maryland
(44W Lon?) where there are obvious errors in the specified
coordinates and for those of you in California (N33 58.947 W117
22.385) and Ohio (N41 23.738 W81 51.077) where you have no clue.

To make it easier for you to enter the coordinates into your GPS, I
have compiled all of the currently available Geo-photo Hunt waypoints
in GPS eXchange (.gpx) format. I have also taken liberties to make
corrections to obvious errors. The data file I have created is
available at

I'm not affiliated with Ritz Camera, so you should follow the GPS
links at the Ritz Camera web site ( the
official details and the latest information.

- Doug

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Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint

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