"Scout" <>
Sent: 5/1/2004 12:21:00 PM

I've enjoyed working on GPS games such as Geodashing, MinuteWar, and
GeoPoker. Recently, it dawned on me that I had about 90% of the
programming done to offer a geocaching listing service as well.

So, now,, expanding its range of GPS games, offers a
full-featured, geocaching listing service. This is the way a
geocaching listing service should work (IMHO ;-). Check it out at .

There is an immediate need for reviewers for the 21 caches the site
has been seeded with. (Until reviewed, caches don't show up in the
default cache listings). And there is an immediate need to get at
least a few listings from all over the world, so the curious can see
all the features of the site using caches from their own area.

Site features:

o Listings for all types of caches -- regular, virtuals,
multis, travelers, hitchhikers, events,
locationless, etc.

o Open and democratic review and archival process

o Secret verification codes to ensure only finders
can log finds

o Ability to "ignore" caches you don't want to see,
as well as "watch" caches you do

o Rating system for caches so you can tell at a glance
before you hunt what others thought of each cache.

o Ability to record and report issues with safety,
suitability for children, cache condition,
landowner permission, etc.