"Scout" <>
Sent: 7/28/2004 1:55:32 PM

Re: Anyone out there?

"Richard Amirault" wrote:
> I found another "bargain" at the same Wal-Mart a couple of
> months ago. A Garmin EMAP that had be purchased and returned
> to the store. The box was quite dog eared, it apparently had been
> sitting on the shelf quite some time .. but everything that was
> supposed to be in the box WAS in the box .... and it only cost me
> $33.00.

That was a deal. I have an eMap that I used for three years before
the GPS receiver in it conked out -- everything else still works, it
just never acquires any satellites. I looked on eBay and found used
units selling for over $100. So, $33.00 at Wal-Mart was a bargain.