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Sent: 7/28/2004 1:53:41 PM

Re: Anyone out there?

Here is my response to Scout's roll call:
My first geocache was placed in Jan 2001. It was the first of many I
placed on a binge that I went on placing caches all over the country
(I traveled a lot then on business). I still claim that I've placed
10, found 0. Many of the 10 are now being maintained by others.
When I started placing caches I didn't realize that maintaining them
would be such a big issue.
I never found any 'caches because I never went looking for any. I
had limited time to dedicate to the sport and found it more exciting
to place caches. However, my son is getting old enough and we've
gone out a few times with the GPS. The Ritz Camera geo-photo hunt
was easy for us to do together. I trust that soon we'll log our
first real find.
I've made a few post's to this group, start back in 2002. Usually
announcing some new content at my web site - Travel by GPS
All are invited for a first visit or just to catch-up on what's
changed. Don't miss my "stash" page:
Leave only footprints, take only data.