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Sent: 7/29/2004 10:22:07 AM

RE: [gpsstash] Anyone out there?

I'm still around and actively caching! I'm not sure when I first posted
to this list, but I planted Idaho's first cache on June 17, 2000.

Jon (Moun10Bike)

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Subject: [gpsstash] Anyone out there?

This group is the granddaddy of all geocaching mailing lists, going
back to the very first days of the hobby.

There are 760 people subscribed to this group. How many of those
email addresses are still working? The owner of the group could tell
us how many bouncing addresses there are out of those 760.

And how many of the still-working addresses are being read by people
who are still geocaching?

And, finally, who has the greatest seniority on this list? Reply with
the post number of one of your early posts to be in the running.


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