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RE: [gpsstash] Re: Anyone out there?

I've often wondered if "Stash Hopper" was the first hitchhiker; I
definitely didn't come up with the idea, but I don't remember anyone
putting a hitchhiker in circulation before then.

Jon (Moun10Bike)

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Subject: [gpsstash] Re: Anyone out there?

Moun10Bike wrote:
> I'm still around and actively caching! I'm not sure when
> I first posted to this list, but I planted Idaho's first
> cache on June 17, 2000.

Congratulations, Moun10Bike. You're our new posting seniority
titleholder. Your first post to this list was June 17, 2000, the day
you announced that Idaho cache.

Two interesting things about that stash:

First, you described it as "a 5-gallon white bucket buried
up to about 2 inches of the rim." Tsk, tsk, tsk!!! ;-)

Second, you said you included "a little frog figure that I'm calling
the 'Stash Hopper'. The idea is one that was discussed on
the list this past week -- placing an item in a stash with the idea
that it gets moved from stash to stash, building up a history of
having visited a multitude of stashes (maybe all of them, someday!)"

Is this the first hitchhiker? If so, I have another paragraph from
the early history of geocaching. Thanks for responding.


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