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Sent: 1/13/2005 11:18:40 AM

Re: GPX standard extensions

RobertLipe wrote:
> Therefore consumers of this data are not expected to preserve
> vertical whitespace in the logs and since

tags are
> rare, most of the things that look to the human observer as
> paragraph markers are expected to be collapsed into a single
> block, right?

Correct. On further study, I just discovered that is
mangling the hints because of the very problem you pointed out (both
rot13 and HTML encodings layered on top of each other.) What I said
earlier about intent is still valid, but the
implementation in the sample GPX files is wrong. (One good discovery
has come from this discussion already :-)

> Display choices should be made at the client end, not in the data
> encoding. If the program want to display it obscured in some way,
> that should be its choice.

In this case, I consider the choice was made by the geocache hider. He
wants his comments to be rot13 encrypted. I think the data should be
true to the author's desire. If some program wants to decrypt the
comments, they are free to do this. On the other hand, I see how this
interpretation requires everyone using the standard to agree on this
treatment for this field and what the encryption algorithm is. So, if
everyone else thinks the hint should be passed through GPX unencrypted,
I can live with that.

> see if you agree that some degree of
> categorization would be helpful.

I foresee endless debates about what that categorization should be. And
when a decision is chiseled in stone, I foresee some creative
individual creating a cache that breaks the categorization. So, I
punted and lumped them all in together. But if categories emerge from
this effort, I'm sure I'll accept them.

> Looking at the archives, it seems those conditions are false.

The list owner occasionally shows signs that he's still around, but the
spam issue has come up before and the list owner hasn't posted any
responses to suggestions for how to control it. It can be controlled
fairly easily on Yahoo lists that receive as little traffic as this one.