"Scout" <>
Sent: 1/13/2005 1:01:52 PM

Re: GPX standard extensions

"Robert Lipe" wrote:
> So you aren't actually getting these message, either, and you are
> also reading and responding by looking at the web archives?
> That's not really much of an improvement over the phpbbs situation
> that I fussed about.

I'm getting individual emails from the list. The list passes spam on
without any barrier. Some of it gets trapped by my mail server or
mail reader. A few spams get through to my inbox. Not enough on this
list to really bother me. The number could go down to virtually zero
if the list owner moderated new subscribers until they post their
first legitimate message. Yahoo has a setting for this and it works
well on the lists that employ it. This one doesn't, unfortunately.

My dislike of phpbbs is that there's no way to consolidate them. They
sprout up like weeds and you can't keep up with all of them. With
mailing lists, you can have all the traffic come to you. Usenet is
even better, but that's a lost art. Maybe RSS can offer a solution
with Web forums.